Mobigame's Zombie Carnaval is now running the undead hordes through the App Store

We need more zombies

Mobigame's Zombie Carnaval is now running the undead hordes through the App Store
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Zombie Carnaval, the lastest iOS offering from Mobigame, is now available for iOS as a universal app.

Part endless runner, part platformer, and all around adorable, Zombie Carnaval takes an interesting approach to the zombie survivor game genre by putting you in charge of the ravenous undead.

You begin the game as a solitary zombie eager to spread his infection to the survivors spread across 60 different missions and seven locations. Throughout the game, your job is to bite survivors to add them to your ever-expanding hoard of undead.

Dial Z for Zombies

Zombie Carnaval also offers a slew of bonus features that you pick up by devouring the appropriate items. In these bonus features players can unlock a giant zombie that shoots lasers from its many eyeballs, clone members of their zombie hoard with a UFO, and hide the undead hoard under a Chinese dancing dragon.

Although Zombie Carnaval is a universal app, Mobigame notes that the launch version (1.0.0) does not support the 4th generation of iPod touch, but is working on an update to fix that particular issue.

At 99c/69p or €0.79 and 38MB, there’s room in most budgets and iOS devices for this quirky take on the zombie genre.

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