FIA World Rally Championship set for mobile debut

I-play's upcoming racer is shaping up nicely

FIA World Rally Championship set for mobile debut

Last month, we brought you exclusive news that I-play was working on a mobile version of FIA World Rally Championship. Well, now we've got a load of screenshots and full details about the game itself.

There'll be up to 16 WRC rallies to drift through on high-end phones, with four different environments and road surfaces to test your skills on.

The game offers Arcade and Championship modes, with the latter rewarding you with bonus points if you pull crowd-pleasing stunts. Oh, and you're able to smash up your car, which is a nice touch.

Along the way, you'll unlock new upgrades for your vehicle, while I-play is promising a choice of cinematic camera angles.

There aren't too many mobile rally games and, as you can tell from the screenshots, FIA World Rally Championship is looking pretty sweet, so click 'Track It!' to be alerted when our next update screeches onto the site.