Exclusive: FIA World Rally Championship is going mobile

I-play bringing high-profile racer to a phone near you

Exclusive: FIA World Rally Championship is going mobile

Apparently, rallying is the largest spectator sport in the world. Having seen a couple of baseball games surrounded by burger-munching enormo-fans, I'd say that's... Sorry, what's that? Oh, you mean largest in terms of numbers. Righto.

So it's very, very popular, and the same is true for its spin-off console and handheld games. Which means a lot of people will think it great news that I-play has signed a deal to bring FIA World Rally Championship to mobile phones for the first time.

It's due out before Christmas and will enable you to powerslide your way through 16 different countries, with various terrains and weather to master against the clock. I-play is promising "detailed and incredibly high-quality graphics", so expect a whizzy 3D version to be along for the ride.

However, interestingly the publisher is also promising that the game will stay true to I-play's one-thumb mantra, to make it easy to play.

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