World of Warriors is a frantic RPG fighter from the folks behind Moshi Monsters, and it's out now

Ninja versus Knight versus Aztec

World of Warriors is a frantic RPG fighter from the folks behind Moshi Monsters, and it's out now
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Mind Candy is best known for Moshi Monsters - the ultra popular online game for kids that boasts some 80 million users, and a cottage industry of merchandise from toys to magazines to hand soap.

But it just released a quite different game: World of Warriors, which is a mash-up of a catch 'em all collectathon and casual time-management strategy, with an action-packed battle system that veers on the cusp of the perimeter of being hardcore.

These fights have you mashing the screen with good timing to unleash attacks and special moves, then furiously pecking at hearts and blue blobs to refill your health and mana. It's all a bit Elite Beat Agents, but without the music.

As you'll typically have multiple characters at once, you can tag-team in your backup heroes. Which is handy, as there's also a simple Pokemon-like elemental system where you'll want water-powered foes to fight fire-favouring warriors.

World of Warriors

The battle system is tense, but ultimately quite simple, though that's because there's an RPG backbone where success is dictated by your stats, as much as your tapping skills.

There are stats, evolutions, and special talismans that boost your abilities. You can level up your heroes, and kit them out with special gear. But, this being a free to play game and all, there's also a lot of waiting, three (!) currencies, and an energy system.

The collect 'em all bit comes from the fact that your team is picked from a catalogue of heroes including real-world warriors like Boudica, and fictional folk like Sakuma the Samurai. There are ninja, knights, Vikings, Aztecs, and more - each with accurate dates, details, weapons, and Horrible History-style facts.

World of Warriors is now available worldwide on iOS and is coming to Android soonish.