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Widower's Sky the beautiful platfomer/survival game is available now on iOS

Father, Son and the good dog

Widower's Sky the beautiful platfomer/survival game is available now on iOS

We were pretty excited for Widower's Sky when we found out about it back in 2016. Now it's finally here and we can experience it in all its glory. Let's just hope it plays as well as it looks. Widower's Sky is available now on iOS for £4.99.

If this game has slipped under your radar, fear not. The game follows the story of a father, his son and most importantly, their dog. Their journey takes them through multiple portals that transport them to various environments.

Equipped with a bow and a stylish slide tackle attack, the father must protect his son as well as making sure he's well-fed. So there's a bit of survival stuff at play here too. The creatures you'll be protecting him from are lions, bears, tigers and machines. So a mix of nature and tech to contend with then.

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The way the story is delivered in Widower's Sky sounds very interesting. You play in the future whilst the narrator covers events that happened in the past. Apparently, at some point, the two will merge at the end of the tale. I'm very intrigued to see how successful that is in practice.

As has been well documented up to this point, the game looks absolutely stunning. It has beautiful lighting effects as well as gorgeous looking environments. There are a lot of fantastic looking mobile games these days and this one is a contender as one of the best in this respect.

You will need a device that's at least the iPhone 6/iPad Air 2 or beyond. It's also compatible with Mfi controllers so if that's your preferred method over touch controls then you should be able to use one without issue.

Widower's Sky is now available over on the App Store. It's a premium game that'll set you back £4.99.

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