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What the Golf? is a silly physics-based golf parody for Apple Arcade

A previous Big Indie Pitch winner

What the Golf? is a silly physics-based golf parody for Apple Arcade

Developer Triband’s What the Golf?, a previous Big Indie Pitch winner, might well be the most patently ridiculous game launching today on Apple Arcade. It takes the general idea behind golf and makes it actually fun by switching the ball for a car, cat, house, human, etc.

There’s a real inventiveness, as well as a charming silliness, to its levels. They’re also constantly surprising, with some even requiring you to remain stealthy. I’ve seen others that play out like bowling mini-games and one where you have to pop a toaster with a horse. There’s even a section that borrows the ‘time only moves when you move’ premise and visual style of Superhot. I could go on and on.

It might remind you of Boneloaf’s Gang Beasts and No Brakes Games’ Human Fall Flat, but this is less an exercise in physics-based frustration than a joyful, playful parody of what is a fairly walled-off sport.

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If you’re interested in checking this one out, you’ll find it available now on the App Store. Of course, with it being an Apple Arcade game, you can’t just buy it outright. But the first month for Apple’s service is totally free to all players, so there’s no excuse not to give something weird and wild like What the Golf? a go.

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