[Update] Busted? Top Free app Weed Firm disappears from the App Store

(Updated: Developer says removal was Apple's decision, plans to return)

[Update] Busted? Top Free app Weed Firm disappears from the App Store
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Updated on May 22nd, at 7:06: Developer Manitoba Games says that the game's removal from the App Store "was entirely Apple's decision, not ours."

But the app creator endeavors to see Weed Firm back on the shop, though admits that the iOS edition "might need to be censored a bit to comply with Apple's strictest requirement since they are going to be looking very attentively at what we submit from now on."

As for the Android version? "Google never had a problem with the application itself," says Manitoba. "The problem was with our publisher and we are expecting to return to the [Google] Play Store once we find a suitable publisher."

The controversial pot tycoon game Weed Firm has disappeared from the App Store in a puff of smoke that you desperately need to get rid of before your parents come home.

Yesterday, we highlighted the fact that this drug smuggling simulator got accepted by the App Store approvals team - and quickly became the Top Free game - despite the fact that similar games have been outright rejected by Apple.

There's no way of knowing for sure whether the app was pulled by Apple or the elusive Weed Firm developer Manitoba Games, but we've reached out to the game's creator and we'll tell you what we hear back.

If you missed it, Weed Firm was a rather surreal game about growing and selling marijuana; building your empire; and evading thugs and cops. It's now no longer available on the App Store or Android's Google Play.

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If you managed to download the iOS version before it was pulled, check out this article to find out how to back up apps that have been removed from the App Store.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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