We Rule players amass 3 billion minutes of playtime

From 13 million downloads

We Rule players amass 3 billion minutes of playtime
| We Rule

Given it's been suggested We Rule makes up more than half of ngmoco's daily gaming activity, any news regarding user engagement is an indicator of the health of both game and publisher.

It's with a measure of celebration then, that 12 months on from its launch, ngmoco has revealed We Rule players have clocked up 3 billion hours of playtime.

Fans of the freemium release, which was one of the first on the App Store and has been downloaded 13 million times, have also completed 1.2 million quests, taken on 82 million social jobs and have, on average, 27 friends on their map.

Community rules

"The vibrant We Rule community is a testament to the game's staying power," the publisher said in a statement detailing the game's year long run.

"The event marks a milestone for the company and the industry itself, demonstrating that social games on the mobile platform can flourish into flagship entertainment franchises.

"In the brave new world of smartphone social games, a live game, operated as a service, can become as enduring a franchise as any interactive entertainment title has achieved."

Growing the kingdom

As a result, ngmoco claims it plans to stick by the game. It will continue to release regular updates to support its growing userbase, with the next refresh – which will go live in a matter of days – adding a gifting feature requested by players.

Expansion to Android is also on the cards, which ties in with CEO Neil Young's recent assertion that Google's OS is more suitor to the social gaming set up.