We Rule update ups level cap, adds new crops

Blueberries, honey dew melons, and cat whiskers?

We Rule update ups level cap, adds new crops
| We Rule

Casual farming game We Rule has been updated with new crops and buildings, as well as an increase to the level cap.

Now you're free to fritter away more time planting and harvesting crops in an effort to max out at level 35.

Hand-in-hand with the increase is the new Red Dragon's Lair, which becomes available as soon as you hit level 35. Another structure, the Coach Inn, has been added for use at level 16.

The new crops - blueberries, honey dew melon, sunflowers, dragon fruit, and cat whiskers - can be purchased at various levels. If you're wondering how cat whiskers qualify as agriculture, then we're of like mind.

ngmoco has been quick to assure advanced players that any Mojo - the game's virtual currency - acquired while the game was updated will be credited within the next 24 hours.

"If you jumped multiple levels with this update you will get the Mojo due within 24 hours," a statement from the company reads.

We Rule is available for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPod for free with in-app purchasing of Mojo offered.