App Army Assemble: Warhammer Quest 2 - worth the dungeon crawl?

Let loose the hammers of war

App Army Assemble: Warhammer Quest 2 - worth the dungeon crawl?

If you like hacking and slashing your way through a dungeon, chances are good you'll want to check out Warhammer Quest 2. We gave the game a Gold Award, calling it "a hard, fraught stomp through some very dark corners. Warhammer Quest 2 is pretty much a must buy."

But if you're still on the fence, or just looking for a second opinion, check out the reviews from our App Army.

Wossa Harvey (Android)

This is a well-presented turn-based game. The graphics are excellent with the ability to zoom into and tilt the 3D dungeons. You need to read so much text to advance in the game which is a minor let down, so it could have been better with voice actors.

I like the ability to customize the characters looks with different colours and the ability to change their names. Though the in-app purchases for new regions is expensive, the initial game seems long enough for the price you pay.

Mark Abukoff (iPad Pro)

Great, simple, old-school turn-based dungeon crawler. By properly equipping your warriors and using proper tactics based on their strengths and the AI, it's not too hard to fight your way past various monsters, spiders, and other bad guys to get to marked extraction points.

The graphics are nice and sharp, and the text intros give you the same kind of intro you'd get if you were playing on a table top. That's what I'm looking for with games like these, and WQ2 delivers that. Plus, the ability to zoom and tilt the camera to get a good look at your warriors makes this a big hit for me. My warriors have lots of blood and fighting in their future!

Glenn Pugh (iPhone 7 Plus)

I liked the unobtrusive tutorial in the beginning and the graphics are awesome. I'm playing on an iPhone 7 Plus and the only drawback is the screen size. I might have to buy an iPad to play games like this and Baldur's Gate.

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Giliath Saly

I can't in good conscience recommend this game to anyone. You can't go two steps without being ambushed by 15 enemies and over half of your attacks miss. It's a joke.

Sajid Gupta

This game is so fun! You think you're doing well and BAM! you're ambushed by all kinds of monsters. Even if you use your brain and skills well it can be hard and you will fail, but when you do win it feels so good! I was holding my breath I was so scared my men would die. Healing potions are AAA+. You should by this if you think you are good enough.

Roman Valerio (iPad Air, iOS 11.3)

First of all, I would like to absolve myself of any responsibility as far as objectivity of the review is concerned. Apart from the mobile port of Invisible Inc., I have zero turn-based strategy games under my belt, since this is not my typical gaming fodder. WQ 2 managed to slightly melt the ice of my heart with its fantasy-inspired narrative that brought back childhood memories of devouring David Gemmell's novels.

The game has a lot to offer die-hard fans of strategy titles with various classes of warriors, which can be equipped with a vast array of weapons and skills. For me the game lost its appeal after a couple of battles that passed in almost exactly the same fashion.

I would not recommend it to a casual gamer, but for everyone else it might help scratch that RPG/strategy itch.

Matthew Stockton

Having spent most of my childhood spending my parents' money in a Games Workshop, I feel I'm a good candidate to review Warhammer Quest 2. I remember being excited to play 'Shadow of the Horned Rat', one of Games Workshop's first forays into the digital realm.

Starting off with two characters, a male warrior and a female mage (in hindsight I wish you could build and customize your characters at the beginning like in classic D&D), you're dropped straight into the first dungeon. A quick play around with the multi-touch UI allows you to rotate the camera and zoom in on the character models, which are excellent all-be-it not very diverse in appearance.

I would agree with previous comments that the experience is vastly improved on an iPad, although on my iPhone 7 it is perfectly playable on my daily commute. Thankfully you don't have to be online to play, which would've prevented me from playing some games on the subway.

I'm not very far into the game, having just completed the third dungeon and discovered a town where I can purchase new items and recruit additional members, but I am enjoying the experience. This may happen later in the game, but I feel there could be a richer experience with the addition of discoverable treasure chests and detectable traps that you could deactivate.

There is a lot to like, the music, writing, and graphics are all of a good standard, and if you are a fan of the genre and are interested in a fun single-player experience I would recommend it. I would love a Space Hulk 40k version of this game!

Cindy Ochoa (Pixel 2)

I didn't play the first iteration of this game so I can't comment on any improvements, but I can give a fresh newcomer perspective on it. As someone who really enjoys strategy and action games, Warhammer Quest 2 seemed like the perfect marriage of this.

The opening introduction is fairly basic, but the story is interesting enough to at least entice me to read on as the game progresses rather than auto clicking through. The graphics are quite gorgeous and incredibly pleasing. The sounds are pretty high quality and set a good ambiance once you start dungeon crawling.

One of the things I appreciated the most is that the game did not hold my hand and lock me into a 30 minute plus tutorial. It actually throws you right into a dungeon with a few popups does a decent job of letting you know some helpful information.

The combat system is in the mold of XCOM where you have certain ability points with each hero there is a turn for you and a turn for the enemy. Your party is fully customisable with weapons and skills you can find or purchase, and you can find new adventurers to fight for your cause as part of dungeon crawling or hiring them at taverns.

After three hours of play I've completed four dungeons and am looking forward to much more. I had no crashes or bugs that I noticed were hindering my game experience.

Oksana Ryan (iPad Pro)

I'm not a fan of turn-based games, but for the purposes of this review I have ventured into a realm of mystical beasts and those out to slay them.

I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this game. I may read later that it's rubbish for its genre by those in the know, but I liked the graphics, the music was in keeping, and it was easy enough to play - even for a novice like me.

It had plenty of creatures to fight and, although I find turn-based games a bit slow, I managed to fight my way through a few levels before I needed major upgrades and I laid my weapons down. I think this is an excellent game for beginners to the genre and would recommend it for sure.

Jose Luis Andrade (LG Nexus 5X)

As a big fan of strategy and RPGs I have to say I was really looking forward to trying this game and I was not disappointed. The graphics are really nice and the music is very immersive.

The mechanics of the game are fairly simple, but there are a lot of weapons and skills to choose to personalize your party. On the downside, the game crashed a couple of times right after finishing some dungeons so I had to repeat the last turn, and sometimes the dungeons can become a bit monotonous. But, all in all, it's a great game and I personally will keep playing it for a while.

Jerard He (iPhone X)

Having played the first one back in 2013, I am excited to get the chance and play the sequel! Now with improved graphics, the seamless interface lets you view your surroundings easily. The tutorial is simple enough for players new to turn-based dungeon crawlers. The music and story are fantastic, and the battle system is foolproof.

As this seems to be a simplified version of its predecessor, something they could improve would be making the skills and gears a tad more sophisticated. This way casual players would have more things to strengthen their characters, making the game experience a bit better and longer.

Ed Davis

I've never really been into the Warhammer series, but I do enjoy a good turn-based strategy game. The gameplay requires you to sit back and think methodically about your next move. It's slower than other games of the same genre which can make it tedious at times, but it's still good fun.

Being able to strengthen and adapt your characters means you have to think carefully about whether you have equipped them efficiently enough for the next fight. A great little game for anyone already engaged in strategy/Warhammer games.

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