Take a swing at new street baseball game Wannabat this Wednesday

All your baseball are belong to iOS

Take a swing at new street baseball game Wannabat this Wednesday
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This Wednesday, a new baseball game from vitusoft for iPhone and iPad will be landing on the App Store diamond.

Wannabat is its name, and street baseball is the game. And while 'America's Pastime' isn't an Olympic sport, baseball is, of course, extremely popular across the planet (well, in Cuba, Canada, the US, and Japan.)

As alluded to above, Wannabat isn't your average baseball sim, though. Instead of pitting teams of nine against each other in a gargantuan stadium, Wannabat takes things to the streets for a series of 1-on-1 baseball showdowns.

In Wannabat, you'll be able to play as a pitcher or a batter. With a wealth of options at your disposal to customise your character's appearance, plus a stat-based role-playing system built in, you'll be able to make your avatar look and play just the way you want.

And if you tire of beating the AI opponents, the online 1-on-1 multiplayer mode should keep you swinging balls out of the park for quite a while.

Wannabat is released on iOS this Wednesday in two flavours: a Lite version and a paid version, priced £1.49 / $1.99.

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