[Update] Award-winning physics puzzler Wake the Cat brings the cute to Android

UK/EU availability confirmed

[Update] Award-winning physics puzzler Wake the Cat brings the cute to Android
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Update at 10:46pm - We've just heard back from Chillingo who confirmed that Wake the Cat is indeed available in the UK and EU. The original story follows.

The App Store and Google Play aren't exactly hurting for 'three-star' physics puzzlers, but the incredibly cute Wake the Cat is a bit of a different breed.

Sure, it follows the usual convention of setting up levels of puzzles for you to three-star your way through, but its gameplay hits a great balance of being challenging and casual-friendly.

Then, there's the cute cat to consider.

Each level ends when you successfully ricochet a ball of yarn into the face of a slumbering cat, causing it to wake up and bat its oversized eyes at you.

This sounds like a simple premise for a game, and it is - at first.

An epic yarn

But Wake the Cat quickly tests your wits when levels start featuring hazards like fans and moving toy trains to factor into your shots.

In our review, we noted that "In addition to providing you with cute graphics, Wake the Cat also tests your knowledge of geometry and physics with relentless glee."

If you're in the market for a low-investment physics puzzler in the spirit of Cut the Rope or Angry Birds, you'll be hard-pressed to find better than the 90 levels currently available in Wake the Cat for 99c / 69p.

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