iOS build-'em-up Virtual City hitting the Kindle Fire on December 1st

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iOS build-'em-up Virtual City hitting the Kindle Fire on December 1st
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G5 Entertainment has announced that its popular iOS build-'em-up Virtual City will soon be available for the recently released Kindle Fire on the Amazon Appstore.

The game allows you to put your creative skills to the test and construct your very own city from scratch. Naturally, you'll need to pack it with a wide range of houses, industrial buildings, attractions, transport links, and anything else that you'd find in a real-world metropolis.

Once you've created your bustling habitat, it's your job to manage goods, supplies, and services, such as health care and waste collection. You can trade with neighbouring cities, too, should the need arise.

New New York

Virtual City features five different settings - Colorado, California, Michigan, Montana, and New York - 50 challenging levels, and over 50 different varieties of building to utilise.

It will be available on the Amazon Appstore for Kindle Fire from December 1st.

iOS version pictured above.
Anthony Usher
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