G5 builds up the anticipation with Virtual City for iPhone and iPad

Not shy of comparisons

G5 builds up the anticipation with Virtual City for iPhone and iPad
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If you're making a city building and transportation game, it's perhaps dangerous to cite two of the best known and successful examples of the genre in your press release, but G5 Entertainment seems to be confident about Virtual City.

Coming to iPhone and iPad soon, it's apparently "similar to SimCity and Transport Tycoon, but without the complexity of the aforementioned games".

Of course, the basic set up is the same, as you get to design and build your own city, selecting from different types of buildings from residential homes and industrial blocks.

Mayor of everywhere

As your metropolis grows, features such as manufacturing and transporting goods, mass-transit systems, and entertaining your residents with parks, cinemas, stadiums and events become more important. Plus vote winners such as health care, public safety, waste collection and recycling must be planned and administered.

Modes include 50 single player missions and long term campaigns that will see you dealing with economic downturns, population crisis, and consequences of natural disasters. There's also a Free Play mode spread over five sandbox maps.

Your success will be measured in terms of your Time, Income, Environment, Population, and Happiness stats.

The iPhone version will be available in May, with an iPad version shortly after. You can get an idea how it works in the following video.

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