Space combat MMO Vendetta Online optimised for Xperia Play

Spatial awareness

Space combat MMO Vendetta Online optimised for Xperia Play
Vendetta Online, a space-faring RPG set in a persistent online galaxy, has been optimised for the Xperia Play in a recent update.

The game sets out to create “a true PC-style MMO” along the same lines as Eve Online, allowing you to mine, trade, and craft resources as a merchant vessel or follow a more combative path.

Calibri;mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-latin;background:white">Players fight in first-person piloting dogfights and can join their nations' military, co-operate with each other to battle an enemy called the Hive, or become pirates poaching weaker players in lawless areas of space.

Calibri;mso-bidi-theme-font:minor-latin;background:white">The game is subscription-based and costs between $7 and $10 per month, but there is a demo mode included in the Android version which allows eight hours of in-game trial time. Vendetta Online is developed by Guild Software and was originally released for PC, Mac, and Linux in 2004.