Develop2016 - Unseen Diplomacy was the most ridiculous game I played in Brighton

Crawl intentions

Develop2016 - Unseen Diplomacy was the most ridiculous game I played in Brighton
| Unseen Diplomacy
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Unseen Diplomacy made me rethink the possibilities of VR. Again.

The game uses the room-scale VR tech of the HTC Vive, but instead of locking you into a single, tiny room, it cuts the space up into lots of even tinier rooms. Each area might only be three feet wide.

So it's claustrophobic. You feel your elbows banging up against the walls and your head touching the ceiling. And then the only route to the next level is an ankle-high vent and you're thinking, wait, do I have to crawl through there?

The answer is yes. You get down on your hands and knees and, hoping that the VR wire doesn't tangle you up like a set of Christmas tree lights in July, you crawl. I must have looked well cool to the other Develop attendees.

That vent might wind around (the clever level layout always keeps you in the confines of the VR boundaries) and take you to a room covered in laser grids. Now you're contorting your body like Shakira to bend around and fit a key in a lock.

Finally, the short mission takes you to a room where you pound on keyboards until a bomb is diffused. Mission accomplished. You saved the internet.

The game started life as a "small experience game, to demonstrate the power of VR and show off what room scale volume tracking, for an event in Nottingham called GameCity". Now you can get it on Steam and the developers plan to explore the idea further.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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