Free-to-play iPad MMORPG Ultima Forever's freemium content detailed

Forever paying?

Free-to-play iPad MMORPG Ultima Forever's freemium content detailed

In a recent interview with IGN, Bioware Mythic's Jeff Skalski went into detail on what to expect from the recently revealed iPad MMORPG.

Ultima Forever: Quest For The Avatar is a free-to-play MMO based on Richard Garriot's iconic RPG Ultima IV.

Freemium content has been a hot topic recently so you can be forgiven if you give a game like this a wary eye. In his interview Skalski said, "the game is wide open. You’ll need to level up to take on new challenges, but all of that can be earned by just playing the game."

"As for what’s available to purchase, you can buy new vanity gear to stand out in the crowd, a new weapon that has those stats you’ve been hunting for, need a few more healing pots or a little more inventory space, we got you covered".


Ultima was always the RPG series of choice for the PC faithful of yesteryear and the leap to iPad could be a lucrative one for the team at Bioware Mythic.

Ultima Forever will debut with the choice of Fighter and Mage classes and the remaining six will roll in during the ensuing months after release.

While two classes appears limited it seems the moral choices a player makes will affect the outcome of many of the scenarios, with decisions counting towards your 'Virtue Points'.