Hands on with Turbo Camels: Circus Extreme for mobile

Live from E3: You certainly won't get the hump with this game, and so on, and so forth

Hands on with Turbo Camels: Circus Extreme for mobile

There aren't enough camels in mobile games. Monkeys, yes. Dogs, certainly (as you'll know if you've read our My Dog preview). But there's a distinct lack of hot dromedary action on your phone.

And that's something RealArcade and Mr Goodliving are trying to change with their Turbo Camels series. We got a sneaky peek at the next generation version today at E3.

Mr Goodliving dipped its camel-toe in the water for the first time last year with a fairly standard racing game, but the sequel, Turbo Camels: Circus Extreme, is shaping up to be a genius slice of casual game nirvana.

So what do you do? Well, in short you have to fire a camel out of a cannon, with rider in tow, collect a bunch of fruit and then land next to a flag.

Like we said, genius.

If you want comparisons, it's a bit like Digital Chocolate's Johnny Crash games spliced with the pinball levels from Sonic The Hedgehog. This is a good thing.

"Despite it not being a big brand, we're very excited about it," Gunnar Larsen, director of mobile games in Europe for RealArcade, told us. "There's plenty of rewards early on, which is key for a casual game, but it takes a long time to master."

From our hands-on demo, Circus Extreme looks like it has a fighting chance of displacing Tower Bloxx and Skipping Stone in our affections. Click 'Track It!' to stay informed.

Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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