HandyGames opens the city gates, releasing Townsmen onto Android

Time to build your very own town

HandyGames opens the city gates, releasing Townsmen onto Android
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We've been writing about how HandyGames' classic city-building game Townsmen has been coming to iPhone since 2009.

I guess that means the German developer has been taking its time, and polishing, polishing, polishing the now free-to-play game, until it shines.

Serfs reunited

Like the very successful Java series - but with much better graphics, AI and economics - this first smartphone version of the game has you building up a tiny village into a medieval metropolis.

It's all about managing your resources, which include the individual Townies, who'll you have to ensure are working hard to produce the grain, wheat, wood, wine, metal, stone etc required for growth.

With your supply chains working efficiently, you'll have the ability to create everything from houses, taverns, windmills, jousting places and churches to marketplaces, monuments and parks.

Peaceful land

Interestingly, HandyGames has removed the combat elements from Townsmen 6, ensuring this is a peaceful sandbox game, where you manage your resources, perhaps even spending real cash to spend up production of key units.

You can get an idea how it plays in the following video.

Townsmen is out now for Android.
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