Townsmen 6 for Android debuts exclusively on GetJar

'Best Mobile Strategy/Simulation Game of 2009'

Townsmen 6 for Android debuts exclusively on GetJar
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HandyGames, a leading German mobile games publisher, has brought its award-winning Townsmen 6 to Android.

Dropping you into the middle of the French Revolution, Townsmen 6 tasks you with mobilising the population and overthrowing the King.

Multiple buildings can be constructed, such as farms, forges, or bakeries, each providing you with natural resources. Said resources, in turn, help you to sustain an economic cycle and expand your overall influence.

Soldiers and propagandists can also be trained in the hope of repelling attacks from the King's royal troops.

As with certain other recent Android titles – most notably Angry BirdsTownsmen 6 is initially available exclusively through the independent app store GetJar.

Markus Kassulke of HandyGames explained the decision thusly: “We decided to launch our games on GetJar because of their proven ability to market apps and games to consumers around the world and their willingness to work closely with us to build awareness of our app.”

Townsmen 6 is a popular title here at Pocket Gamer, with the Java version earning a well-deserved Gold Award at review. It was praised heavily for a level of depth that puts many full-priced console releases to shame.

Furthermore, we awarded Townsmen 6 'Best Mobile Strategy/Simulation Game of 2009' at 2010's Pocket Gamer Awards.

A free but full-featured Townsmen 6 is available now for Android through GetJar.