Townsmen 6 out now for mobile

And there’s Revolution in the air

Townsmen 6 out now for mobile
| Townsmen 6

Fans of mobile strategy games will be delighted to know that the king of the genre has officially returned. Glu today announced the release of Townsmen 6 Revolution, the latest in the hugely popular (and critically lauded) series.

This time, as you might have guessed from the title, it’s all about the French Revolution. You’ll still be required to build villages, gather resources and acquire upgrades, but this time with the ultimate goal of helping your people (Townies and Townettes) to overthrow those pampered aristocratic types.

Developer HandyGames is promising an improved control scheme, a non-linear campaign and - for supporting handsets - an open-end mode.

For those new to the series there’s a comprehensive tutorial and extensive help options throughout, so HandyGames is clearly looking to save its own neck by appealing to the proletariat. Wise move.

Keep an eye out for our review.