Chillingo's Touch KO uppercuts App Store

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Chillingo's Touch KO uppercuts App Store
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Considering the popularity of cartoon brawlers such as Nintendo's Super Punch-Out!! it's surprising that developers Adam and Matt Mechtle and publisher Chillingo have taken the realistic approach when it comes to Touch KO, which has gone live on the App Store.

Indeed, a full set of gesture controls enable you to execute a wide range of moves including blocks and dodges, as well as more offensive jabs and hooks. And the graphics look like the real thing - Touch KO uses the Unity 3D engine, as well as Ageia physics and motion captured boxing moves, to make the experience is good as it can be.

There's a career mode that starts you off training in a gym before building up your reputation through various bouts with increasingly aggressive opponents - although early reader reviews seem to suggest the difficulty level could be tweaked upwards in the first update.

Other elements of the game include customisation features so you can deck out your fighter with the right colours, your own design tattoos and body shape. You'll also get to play some mini-games during bouts such as reducing the swelling around your eyes if you've been given a pasting.

Online leaderboards and unlockable achievements are available as well.

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Touch KO is out now, at what's called a limited time offer of £2.99 or £1.79. Hit the Buy It! button to go direct to the App Store.
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