BBC Top Gear title announced for iPhone and iPad

And on that bombshell...

BBC Top Gear title announced for iPhone and iPad

Car-based japery is pulling into an App Store near you, with Top Gear: Stunt School coming to iPhone and iPad.

Based on the highly popular car programme and developed by Resolution Interactive (the team behind Pocket Gamer Silver Award-winning Aqua Moto Racing 2), the game is one of a range of titles released this Christmas that signals the Beeb’s move back into the video game market.

The last time the public broadcasting giant was involved in a handheld video game was way back in 2004, when it published the dire Fightbox on Game Boy Advance.

Top Gear: Stunt School puts the player in charge of a completely customisable vehicle through 20 challenges around the show’s famous test track, ranging from high jumps to tricky technical manoeuvring

The game looks to be faithful to the show, with enough caravan destruction and dead bovine-related chaos to keep fans happy, along with three difficulty levels to suit players of all ages.

A mode where you fight off an army of tiny Richard Hammonds, Fantasia-style, is sadly not included, but there is a chance to race the famed Stig himself. The price of either version of the game is yet to be confirmed, but the release date is expected to be before the end of 2010.