Rainbow Six Vegas hits phones

Gameloft's action-adventure series goes all glitzy

Rainbow Six Vegas hits phones

Okay, so Team Rainbow isn't in Las Vegas for a spot of gambling alongside all those blue-rinsed grannies. That wouldn't make a very fun game at all. Unless the grannies had guns, of course.

No. The latest Rainbow Six game involves a deadly terrorist plot to attack Las Vegas, while triggering a 'reusable microwave-pulse weapon' capable of cooking baked potatoes without leaving the middle frozen killing millions of people.

Your job is to save the world – and if Vegas goes up, so will Celine Dion, don't forget – by securing casino floors, fighting in the Vegas streets, and finally taking on super-terrorist Irene Morales at the Hoover Dam.

On one level, the game sounds like it's Rainbow Six business as usual, with you running around shooting, chucking grenades, and taking cover to avoid being killed. However, there's also a cool-sounding new Sniper mode, which puts the emphasis on your precision-shooting skills.

Rainbow Six Vegas is out now, and we'll have a review for you imminently. Just as soon as we've torn ourselves away from this slot machine...