Clock-reversing endless-runner Time Surfer coasts onto the App Store

Turn back time

Clock-reversing endless-runner Time Surfer coasts onto the App Store
| Time Surfer

Time Surfer, the latest iOS game from Bean's Quest developer Kumobius, is now available in the App Store.

In the words of its own creator, Time Surfer is a mixture of Tiny Wings and Braid.

On the one hand, then, you have to guide your intergalactic adventurer - complete with a cosmic surfboard and jaunty hat - over spikes and around asteroids, collecting power-ups as you go.

Rather conveniently, though, your hero can also reverse time, meaning you can hit the rewind button when your thumbs betray you, and rewrite history to tell a revised story about how awesome you are.

As you progress, you'll unlock additional surfers, most of which have been inspired by other time-travelling icons.

These including a blue police box, a monkey on a cloud, and the obligatory DeLorean.

In Time Surfer, you're also able to collect pets. These furry companions will give you stat boosts and bonuses (though we're curious to see how Fido keeps up with the weird man on the time-travelling surfboard).

We thoroughly enjoyed Kumobius's previous effort, Bean's Quest, calling it "a clever mix of the old and the new", so we're keen to see how Time Surfer shapes up.

You can download Time Surfer on iPhone and iPad for 69p / 99c right this second.