Timberman puts you to work chopping trees on iOS and Android

Thank god for workers' comp

Timberman puts you to work chopping trees on iOS and Android
| Timberman

Throw on your trapper hat and slip into some sturdy flannel - it's time to chop some wood.

Timberman is a recently released arcade-style reflex game that will have you utterly obliterating what has to be the world's tallest tree, dodging its descending branches in the process.

This is done by tapping at the left or right of the screen, to switch the direction from which your little woodsman or woman hacks away at the target tree.

The danger isn't a falling tree, but the branches that come down with it. If you don't switch sides when a branch is right above your head, it's game over.

What makes this challenging is the red charge meter at the top. Every swing of your axe gains a tiny amount of charge, but the longer you spend chopping away at the trunk, the quicker the bar drains.

Once that meter runs out, it's also game over.

Survival means lopping off layers of that tree as quick as you can, while still gracefully evading branches in the process. Graceful for a burly lumberjack, of course.

Timberman is a great game for highscore hunters and folks with twitchy fingers. There are four different environments that change randomly, and eight lumberjacks to unlock.

The game's only shortcoming is the annoying, tinny tapping sound that plays every time you chop at the tree. No big deal - just mute it and put on some cheery bluegrass and you're good to go.

You can download Timberman for free on the App Store or Google Play.

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