Square's The World Ends With You DS adventure gets US release date

Multiplayer details are revealed, too

Square's The World Ends With You DS adventure gets US release date
| The World Ends With You

Publisher Square Enix had previously said The World Ends With You would be coming to the west in the spring, and now there's a more exact release date for North America. The game, which features a 15-year-old boy who wakes up to be told he has a week to live unless he completes a mission, is coming out in the US on April 22nd.

The World Ends With You is a fast-paced RPG adventure that takes place in an alternative modern-day Tokyo. An innovative 'Stride-Cross' battle system enables players to control two characters simultaneously and unleash special attacks using the DS stylus and touchscreen.

Custom-designed pins are collectable throughout the game, and each offers a unique and powerful psychic ability activated only by the correct touch or sound command.

The whole game is hugely stylised, with fashion, music and other cultural influences playing a large part in its design. Players are able to collect the coolest fashions and exchange items with other players in a Mingle Mode, while the game's soundtrack blends influences from hip-hop, rock and electronica.

Another of the game's multiplayer options makes it possible for up to four players take part in a Tin Pin Slammer battle – a fast-paced mini-game playable over local wireless.

With a US release confirmed, hopefully a UK date will follow soon. That's usually how it works, anyway.