The best iOS game this week - The Trace: Murder Mystery Game

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The best iOS game this week - The Trace: Murder Mystery Game
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I like detective stuff. I like Dragnet and film noir and the podcast Serial and True Detective before it turned to crap. But there aren't many detective games that get me excited.

You'd think that I'd be into LA Noire, but I spent the whole game waiting for the training wheels to come off so I could actually figure out the crimes myself rather than have Cole Phelps just solve 'em for me. The jerk.

But that's why I like The Trace, which combines The Room-style screen poking, point and click puzzle solving, and hidden object hunting - and gives it a crime-solving twist.

The Trace

As you uncover leads and clues, you'll have to answer questions about the case to fill in the blanks and establish a timeline. It's not massively complicated or particularly difficult, but it goes a long way to getting you involved in the case.

That's why we've picked it as the best iOS game this week. The Trace can be bought on iPhone and iPad for £3.99 / $4.99.

It's best played on iPad, so maybe grab the brill-o Silly Sausage - you can read about it here in our article on the best Android game of the week - if you're rocking an iPhone.

Oh, and looking for more good detective games on iOS? I'd be remiss not to mention the fantastic Detective Grimoire. It's something special.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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