The Sims 3 for mobile revealed

Real life takes an isometric turn for the better

The Sims 3 for mobile revealed
| The Sims 3

Being as you're a pocket gamer, you probably live your life vicariously through your mobile (as we do), but that virtual life is about to get a lot more involved as EA prepares to bring The Sims 3 to the mobile platform.

Naturally this micro version adopts an isometric graphical style, but it's still looking very impressive thanks to the detailed environments and animation.

This latest version of the most popular PC game of all time now lets you step outside your Sims' house and explore the neighbourhood, building complex relationships (while engaging in the occasional odd behaviour) and attempting to achieve your character's wishes and life goals.

The same level of customisation appears to be included in the mobile version of The Sims 3, which includes the extensive new Sim creator system along with the expected furniture and decorating options to build the Sim pad you want.

The Sims 3 mobile is due for release on 2nd June, but we should have a preview for you very soon, so don't stray back into real life just yet.

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