EA Mobile readying first Simpsons mobile game

And screenshots and a video trailer have seemingly leaked online

EA Mobile readying first Simpsons mobile game

Let's start with the facts. EA Mobile is about to release The Simpsons: Minutes To Meltdown. It's a mobile game coming out to tie in with the upcoming The Simpsons Movie blockbuster, and will go on sale in the US later this month, and here in Europe soon after.

According to the new issue of Mobile Entertainment magazine, the game will be sold through operator portals here in Europe, although it'll also be available on, which is currently password-protected, but will be a high-profile website selling all manner of Simpsons mobile content.

So, having read about Minutes To Madness in Mobile Entertainment, we did a bit of Googling. On YouTube, there's what purports to be a trailer for the game's J2ME version, albeit stretched out to fill a YouTube video window. You can watch it at the bottom of this story.

It shows an isometric game that looks like The Sims given an authentic Simpsons-style makeover. The game appears to take a mission-based structure that sees Homer running around his house, and also the streets of Springfield.

Oh, and there appears to have been some kind of disaster – which judging by the title, may be related to the Springfield power station. We're not sure if the pounding techno soundtrack comes from the game, or was just added by whoever uploaded the video to YouTube.

Anyway, more Googling turned up a random K750i forum, where someone has posted what claims to be a title screen and three screenshots from Minutes To Madness (above). The visuals certainly correspond to what's in the YouTube video.

Disclaimer time: we can't say for sure whether this is EA Mobile's game (although someone's gone to a helluva lot of effort if it's not), and even if it is, the video and screenshots are likely to be work in progress.

Still, it's certainly whetted our appetite. Check the video out below, and click 'Track It!' to get more info when the game is officially unveiled.

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Stuart Dredge
Stuart Dredge
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