Free time-travelling adventure The Silent Age turns up on Android

It's about time

Free time-travelling adventure The Silent Age turns up on Android
| The Silent Age

House on Fire's ingenious time-travelling adventure game The Silent Age is now available to Android players via the Google Play Store.

In this Day of the Tentacle-inspired point-and-click, you follow the story of accidental hero Joe, who can use a handheld time machine to leap between a groovy 1972 and a post-apocalyptic 2012.

He'll use this handy power to bounce between the epochs to help solve tricky puzzles. His actions in the past affect the future, you see, so minor changes in the '70s can have a big impact on life in the 21st century.

We loved the game, and called it an "elegant little game" with a "groovy minimalist art style, and a moody, foreboding atmosphere" in our round-up of hot iOS games from February.

We also penned a huge (and hugely popular) walkthrough to The Silent Age. Check it out if you get stuck.

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Anyhoo, you can get this sweet little point-and-click from Google Play now for free.

There are no hidden fees or anything. House on Fire simply wanted to get people excited about the ongoing story before, asking fans to chip in some $25,000 in donations for the development of the second episode.

At the time of writing, the donation drive has attracted almost $14,000.

House on Fire's Uni Dahl says, "there will be an Episode Two - even if we won't reach our funding goal. We will be charging for it, but everyone who donated will be receiving it completely free."