Top 5 iOS games we'd strap a VR headset on to play

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Top 5 iOS games we'd strap a VR headset on to play
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If this was the future, you'd probably be reading this article through a VR headset, bumbling around the world, never seeing the real sky, content to strap something onto your face and let the world pass you by.

Sounds great, right?

We've already seen the maker of the Oculus Rift getting mad praise for its immersive face-hugging technology. Now, Sony has unveiled the Morpheus, a head-mounted display for PS4.

That got the old brain cogs whirring here at Pocket Gamer's fully functioning laser tag arena and hall of mirrors. And when they clicked into position, we asked ourselves one question: Are there any iOS games screaming out to be played through a VR headset?

After no discussion whatsoever, we came up with this top 5. They're listed below. Check them out.

The Room

The best bit about Fireproof's tappy-twisty puzzle-adventure is the way it uses the touchscreen to suck you into its world. You feel like you're twiddling with dials, sliding sliders, and generally poking around in a mysterious, sinister world.

VR would take you even farther down the rabbit hole, letting you actually wander around the contraptions you're manipulating, caressing them into place with a flick of the wrist and getting up close and personal for a better inspection.

Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade series deals with heft. It's about the weight of your weapons crashing into the bulbous guts and sinewy muscles of towering monsters. Imagine staring up at them, craning your neck to glare into the face of your foe.

The strength of your swing could determine the damage you deal out, while elaborate arm-waving gestures could be translated into spell casting.

You'd probably get very tired trying to get the best possible finishing bonus, though.

Punch Quest

It'd require a shift in perspective, sure, but just think about it...

You're sprinting down a cartoon corridor, whomping ghosts, goblins, and other monsters that leap out at you, jumping over obstacles and generally questing with your punches.

And then you'd get to ride on a giant dinosaur that sprays out death beams. I'd be surprised if this wasn't already in the offing, to be frank.

Angry Birds

First-person Angry Birds would be a truly harrowing experience. You're the bird, soaring through the air, a deadly missile intent on pig slaughter. You'd destroy homes, crush castles, and wreak terrible vengeance.

Sometimes, you'd even explode or suddenly dart at a target. Other times, you'd split into multiple smaller versions of yourself.

The worst thing would be careering into the terrified eyes of a piggy foe, then watching as he exploded in a shower of bacon.

Temple Run

Temple Run isn't as scary as it should be. You are being chased by a pack of terrifying monkey beasts, their almost human hands ready to rip you to shreds if they catch up with you.

Pop a VR helmet on and suddenly that tension becomes real. You can look behind you, see the clamouring apes as they bear down on you, screeching their monkey death cries.

Each leap becomes a life-or-death decision, each junction becomes a heart-stopping guessing game. Those monkeys want to eat your brains - that's a damn good reason to run.

Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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