The absolutely essential The Room goes free on iPad

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The absolutely essential The Room goes free on iPad
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To celebrate Christmas (and, more importantly, the launch of The Room Three), the grandpappy of box-groping puzzle games, The Room, is currently free on iOS.

It's all about solving puzzles, fiddling with mechanisms, and looking through a magic eyepiece to crack open a mysterious puzzle box.

Back when it was released, we said "while point-and-click fans will love every second, The Room is good enough to convert all but the most stringent naysayers to its cause".

So go get it, either on iPad or iPhone (Update: Fireproof says "for technical reasons our iPhone-only version, The Room Pocket, will not be free until early next week. Sorry for the confusion).

Then get the sequel, and the third game too. They're all brilliant.

And if you get stuck, we've got a complete walkthrough for the entire game. Start with Chapter 1, here.

The Room will go back to its original price in three weeks.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer