Get must-have iOS puzzler The Room for just 69p/99c this week

New details about The Room epilogue and The Room 2 inside

Get must-have iOS puzzler The Room for just 69p/99c this week
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Atmospheric box-opening sim The Room is available on the cheap this week to celebrate the game's upcoming epilogue.

It's just 69p / 99c on Android gizmos and 69p / 99c on iPad. And if you download the free iPhone version, the in-app unlock is only 69p / 99c.

In our ultra-positive Gold Award review of Fireproof's puzzler, we said: "If you love lateral thinking, puzzles, or point-and-click adventures then The Room will be an absolute treat."

"It's tough, but its atmosphere of unease, and the feeling you get when you solve one of its trials, are more than enough reward."

The game ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, but Fireproof says it will continue the story via an epilogue, which will go live on August 29th.

The Room epilogue

That DLC won't be the final part of the story, mind - you'll have to wait until The Room 2, which will be available at around Christmas time, for that.

But Fireproof commercial director Barry Meade has told Pocket Gamer that the update will "continue part one and acts as a bridge to the sequel".

The update will be offered for free. "The game has sold over 2 million copies and has been downloaded 5 million times, so we're super-happy to finally be able to give something back," Meade says.