Spooky, low-res Lovecraftian horror game The Last Door collector's edition announced for mobile

New puzzles, ahoy!

Spooky, low-res Lovecraftian horror game The Last Door collector's edition announced for mobile
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Every so often, a game manages to slip under our finely-tuned mobile radar.

The super-spooky, and super-retro, horror game The Last Door is one of these titles, but it just caught our eye today when we received word that a new Collector's Edition is in the works.

This special release is coming out for PC, Mac, and Linux first for $9.99 / £6.99 and bundles all four of the terrifying episodes of The Last Door up into one game.

It also adds some new puzzles, scenes, and stories while giving the graphics and audio a nice new coat of polish.

We don't have a price or release date for the iPad version of this just yet, but we've been told by the publisher that it'll be available for mobile devices "later in 2014."

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Like a great many horror stories, The Last Door starts off when a young man receives an ominous letter from an estranged friend.

Traveling to a foreboding old manor house, the man in question doesn't find his friend - naturally - but instead must piece together a mystery of what happened in the manor, what happened to his friend, and - more terrifyingly - what it all has to do with him.

Navigation's handled via a familiar tap interface that mimics the point-and-click classics of yesteryear and its soundtrack is a standout among the admittedly niche genre of retro indie horror titles.

Our sister site 148Apps gave The Last Door a review last October, and called it "a truly disturbing tale regardless of the simple graphical style".

We'll keep you updated on news of the Collector's Edition release for mobile as soon as we have it.

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