App Army Assemble: The Inner World 2 - Was there any point (and click) in this sequel?


App Army Assemble: The Inner World 2 - Was there any point (and click) in this sequel?

The Inner World 2 is a sequel to one of mobile's finer point and click adventures. You have to help save a family of flute noses who have been watching over the country of Asposia for centuries.

As you can expect, that involves scouring the scenery for stuff to click on, solving puzzles using items you gather, and meeting a bunch of whacky characters.

But is it any good? We asked the App Army just that, and here's what they had to say.

Paul Manchester

This is a charming little puzzler that put a smile on my face. The graphics do the job well and though there is a lot going on for a small mobile screen, it remains manageable. Only on a few occasions did I find myself miss-clicking or rather missing an item completely hidden.

The soundtrack matches the game well and the voice acting is superb throughout. Some of the puzzles can prove a bit tricky (some trial and error required!) but never impossible.

For fans of the genre this is definitely worth your time.


I started playing this on my iPhone but quickly switched to the iPad as it makes it much easier to see what's going on.

This is a really great puzzler. It doesn't give too much away as you play through each level but there's help there if you find you need it.

I loved the voice acting and the visual style is quite cute and charming. If you are into tap and click puzzlers then you'll probably enjoy this very much. I know I did.

Chad Jones

This is a great puzzler that will keep you entertained for hours. It's beautifully drawn and designed, and has a great soundtrack to back it up. I hate to admit that I never played the first one, but you don't really need to.

I've only played a few hours and I feel the puzzles are challenging yet fair and there is still a lot to explore.

The story is vast and sometimes feels like too much in between levels but that is really a minor complaint. I don't play many story driven puzzlers like this but this one is keeping me engaged and I'm glad I get the chance to explore this world.

Alexandr Balan

The Inner World 2 looks and feels a lot like the best adventure games of the 90s, but without the complexity of their usually too verbal interface. It reminded me a lot of Broken Age or Samorost.

The game is very colorful and alive, like an interactive cartoon. The puzzles aren't so complex that they'll scare off inexperienced gamers, but they aren't too simple either and are, interesting enough to keep you engaged.

The game does a good job of explaining the story up to this point, though the first will obviously be spoilered. I recommend checking that out first.

Overall, the game reminded me of the best adventure games I played, and I will definitely spend more time in the colorful world of Asposia.

Nikita Velit

This takes place three years after the first game. Conroy is defeated, the musicians are freed, what can go wrong? It turns out that in three years a massive company was launched against them and all musicians are now outcasts.

Our hero Robert, who has been in a state of petrification ever since, must save his people and find the last monk of the wind who will be able to tell the truth about the musicians to the Aspoticians.

In the game you have to think outside the box, because many items can be used in the most unexpected places and can be connected in unusual ways.

Steve Clarke

There’s an old British stereotype about Germans lacking a sense of humour. I’d challenge anyone who believes that to play this game and not laugh. Coming from small indie outfit Studio Fizbin based in Berlin, The Inner World 2 shows that you don’t need a large development team to make an excellent game. This has quality coming out of it in spades.

The graphical style is similar to Monkey Island 3 and the humour much like, if slightly tamer than, the more recent Bertram Fiddle. The voice acting with perhaps one or two exceptions is superb throughout and the puzzles while not mind bending are sufficiently taxing for the veteran adventure fan. There’s also an extensive hint system for novices and the terminally impatient too.

I wish I’d had a chance to play the original before this sequel but I’m very glad to have experienced it’s wonderfully funny and quite unique world. I’d highly recommend getting it, but only after you’ve played the first adventure.

Bruno Ramalho

I have to say that I am sad I haven’t played the first game. Where the hell was I? Living under a rock? This game is so good, with beautiful voice work, wonderful hand drawn animations, and puzzles easily accessible to all, but with a nice twist that will leave the veterans of point and click games guessing at times.

The storytelling is so good, it’s like someone is reading an exciting adventure to you when you’re going to bed, and you will dream about it for sure and wake up wanting more.

You’ll get addicted to this cute world and characters, but please, if you can, go play the first game. While it’s not really needed (because they explain what happened before), it’s just something you’d wish you’d have done before playing this game. One of the greats of the point and click world, for sure.

Oksana Ryan

I love a good puzzler and this game is great. The puzzles are a mixture of really easy to a bit of head scratching but none of them are so difficult that it makes you want to give up.

The interaction between the main character Robert and other characters is interesting and if, like myself, you haven’t played the first game, you get an insight into what has happened to Robert in the past.

The simple mechanics give a stress free experience and everything about the game is enjoyable. I haven’t finished this yet, but I’m already looking forward to finishing the adventure and may even buy the first installment. A winner.

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