App Army Assemble: The Forgotten Room - The Halloween special

Scare yourself senseless

App Army Assemble: The Forgotten Room - The Halloween special
| The Forgotten Room

It's your favourite time of the year, where you dress up in a ridiculous costume, knock on a stranger's door to ask for free candy, and scare yourself and others senseless with a bunch of tomfoolery.

Of course, you don't have to do all of that. You could just stay in and play a mobile game - or play it while you watch your friends / kids do the whole Halloween thing, it's up to you.

But what game should you play? Well, how about The Forgotten Room, a puzzling horror which launched just in time for Halloween on iPad. It's a little bit like if The Room and Resident Evil had a baby.

At review, we gave it a Bronze Award and said: "If you can overlook its occasional oddities, The Forgotten Room is an excellent point-and-click puzzler".

But don't just take our word for it. We also asked our spooky bunch of mobile gaming experts in the App Army for their take - and here it is.

Happy Halloween, pocket gamers!


If ever there was a game that could benefit from a stout tutorial and a bit of guidance, this is it. I had no idea what I was supposed to do at first.

Once you dig into it, it's really time consuming, and requires serious commitment to get through it - it's hard work. I'm all for a challenge but this one feels a bit artificial, like they're trying to slow you down so you don't rush through the experience.

Laura Egri

I like paranormal investigations but this is more unusual than scary. The puzzles are challenging and you need to keep a close eye out for clues to help you solve them. It can be really time-consuming.

Andy King

You can't just keep coming back to this for a few minutes here and there - it demands your full attention.

The setting is creepy, with some really nice looking areas and eerie sound effects. I haven't got too deep into it yet but the story is interesting so far.

Aaron Burdett

This has excellent audio and some nice looking areas to explore, but I had some major gripes with the controls and difficulty that prevented me from getting fully immersed.

The bar for these types of game has been set so high by the likes of The Room, and this just falls short of the mark. It's a shame.

Wesley Tee

This is a very challenging and time consuming game that really needs a tutorial to help ease you into it. I didn't know what to do at first, and I tapped on everything but nothing happened.

It's a nice experience nonetheless.

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