The Escapists 2 releases digitally on Nintendo Switch January 11th

Sharpen your combs and start stashing duck tape, folks

The Escapists 2 releases digitally on Nintendo Switch January 11th
| The Escapists 2

Good lord, the last time we heard any Switch news on The Escapists 2 was back in April, and now we've finally got a release date. Merry Christmas, indeed.

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With more intense gameplay and fresher graphics, The Escapists 2 is, as the name suggests, a strategic puzzler where you've got to try and escape by whatever means possible. The difference this time around is that you've got upgraded, multi-level prisons, more items than ever, and a new crafting system to say the least.

If you get into a scrap there's a new combat system which lets you lock on to your target, block, and change it up between light/heavy attacks. Plus, there's more customisation this time around as you can pick and choose between 300 different options, including your gender.

For the first time in the series, the game offers up drop in/drop out play featuring split screen/online play for up to four people in both collaborative and competitive modes. Neat, eh?

The Escapists 2 arrives on the Nintendo Switch eShop on January 11th 2018.

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Emily Sowden
Emily Sowden
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