Ben Cousins confirms that two new game modes will soon be available in The Drowning

Boss hunt events to follow

Ben Cousins confirms that two new game modes will soon be available in The Drowning
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Are you one of the millions of players who've apparently dipped their toes into the zombie-infested pool that is Scattered Entertainment's The Drowning?

Well, we've got some good news for you.

Speaking to sister site in New York, Scattered Entertainment general manager Ben Cousins lifted the lid on his future plans for the shooter.

According to Cousins, The Drowning players can expect to tuck into two new game modes soon. Once those modes are live on the App Store, Scattered Entertainment's focus will then switch to in-game events such as boss hunts.

Next steps

"We're in the process of submitting a build to Apple that has the final, major gameplay updates in it," Cousins stated.

"This build contains two new modes that we're adding: a stealth-based game mode and an action-based game mode. After that, we'll continue to run things like the boss hunt events."

We were pretty excited about The Drowning when we first heard about its innovative control scheme and saw its first trailer.

Unfortunately, the gameplay didn't quite live up to our expectations, but there's hope that this new update will improve matters.

Step Two

And if not, well, Cousins and his team have certainly learnt from missteps taken with The Drowning - particularly in the implementation of a free-to-play focused energy system.

"People that were entirely accepting of an energy mechanic in another genre of game were annoyed when you presented them with that exact same mechanic in a shooter," Cousins added.

"In the future, we probably won't use the mobile-style game loop."

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