The Battle Cats celebrates over 70 million downloads with an event that includes lots of free goodies

The Battle Cats celebrates over 70 million downloads with an event that includes lots of free goodies
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The ever so popular strategy tower defense game Battle Cats is celebrating reaching over 70 million downloads worldwide with a large event that will hand out plenty of free rewards, special stages, and other fantastic pieces of content. This month-long celebration will run from now until June 16th, with daily log-in awards as well.

Battle Cats has been around a long, long time, and this is now clearly seen in just how many people have downloaded and played it across the globe. With a number as large as seven million, a number rivalled only by massive names like PUBG or Fortnite, it’s insane to see just how much this humour-filled tower defense game has come since its inception many years ago.

Now, with this event, those players will get even more things to do and free stuff to claim. First up, the Dynasty Fest Rare Capsule set will be available until May 20th, offering players a massive assortment of powerful Uber Rare heroes from all seasonal sets as well as the set-exclusive hero Emperor Cat. Of course, to make sure you get your hands on the hero you desire, this event also ups the rate at which you might roll one of these Uber Rare heroes.

The event also includes a bunch of limited-run special maps, which will be:

  • 70M Celebration Gifts Galore, with a victory bonus of 20 Cat Food for the first stage clear each day
  • Monthly Event All-Stars Grateful Gathering, with total clear rewards of up to 30,000,000 XP
  • March of Flames, with tough stages featuring a relentless attack from Red enemies
  • Deadly Carnival maps, where players can take on an allied assault by boss enemies
  • Power up the foundation of your Cat Army during the Ticket Festival event, between May 16th (11:00 am) and May 30th (10:59 am)
  • XP Festival Events to upgrade your Cat heroes
  • Builder’s Blitz events to collect materials used to develop new features for the Cat Base

All of this is on top of the opportunity to earn 7 rare tickets and 7 new tickets from log-in bonuses achieved by just logging in every day during the event. This is only a taste of what is come to for this huge celebration for Battle Cats, so be sure to download it for free on either the App Store or Google Play and get all of these wonderful free goodies!

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