Temple Run 2 hints, tips, and tricks - how to stay on your feet

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Temple Run 2 hints, tips, and tricks - how to stay on your feet
| Temple Run 2

Temple Run 2, the aptly named follow-up to Imangi Studios's Temple Run, recently sprinted onto the App Store and Google Play.

Your aim in this sequel is pretty much the same as it was in its predecessor: keep at least one step ahead of the beast that's on your tail and sprint as far as you possibly can.

That's not as simple as it may sound, though, which is why we've created this handy little guide for you.

Read on for a rundown of Temple Run 2's controls, power-ups, abilities, and more.

The basics

If you've played the original Temple Run, you'll be more than familiar with its sequel's controls. They're exactly the same, after all.

Temple Run 2's relic-loving protagonist accelerates automatically. All you have to do, then, is focus on avoiding the many obstacles and deadly hazards that litter your treacherous path.

Swipe upwards on your device's display, and your on-screen adventurer will leap into the air. Swipe downwards, and he'll slide along the ground.

Similarly, you can guide him around corners by swiping left or right, and manoeuvre him into the path of coins and power-ups by tilting your device from side to side.

You can activate a power-up by double-tapping your screen whenever the green power meter to the left fills up completely.

It's all about the money, money, money

The dilapidated ruins, pathways, and mine shafts that you career around in this endless-runner are awash with collectible coins, which you can spend in the in-game store on power-ups, abilities, and new characters.

Coins come in various colours, the most common (and least valuable) of which is gold. Increasingly valuable coins will begin to appear more frequently the further into a run you get.

Coins aren't the only resource to look out for on a run, though.

Temple Run 2 has a second currency: rare gems. You'll stumble across these green jewels every once in a while on your travels, but you can also grab packs of them via in-app purchases.

If you die prematurely during a run, you can use gems to instantly resurrect yourself. You won't lose any points or anything.

You can do this as many times as you need in a single round, but the number of gems needed doubles every time you decide to prolong your current life.

Power to the people

As mentioned above, Temple Run 2's bustling store is jam-packed with various power-ups, abilities, and playable characters.

Power-ups include a shield that protects you from hazards; a powerful magnet that sucks coins towards you; and a boost that propels your character forwards at hyper-speed.

You can only take a single power-up with you on each run that you make, so it's important that you choose wisely.

Boost is probably the best of the bunch. It makes you invincible, you see. While activated, your avatar of choice will automatically turn corners, and run through obstacles and bypass hazards as if they don't exist.

The ability to survive

Abilities (which are upgradable) increase the duration of your various power-ups, and offer numerous other benefits, too.

At first, you should focus on upgrading one or two abilities rather than trying to improve all nine of them.

It's a good idea early on to improve the 'coin value' and 'coin magnet' abilities, as these enable you to earn coins (which you can spend on subsequent upgrades) much faster.

From there, you might want to think about boosting your 'boost distance' ability.

As its name suggests, this ability dictates the distance you travel when you activate the boost power-up.