Tekken 6 announced for PSP, coming in autumn

Nope, we’re not Tekken the p**s

Tekken 6 announced for PSP, coming in autumn
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Tekken: Dark Resurrection went down a storm on the PSP, though it’s hard to believe that was almost three years ago. The good news, brawler fans, is that Sony’s renewed love in with the PSP has encouraged Namco Bandai to put together Tekken 6 for the handheld console, according to IGN.

This latest instalment of the long lived fighting franchise is due to arrive alongside the other systems, though extra levels and unique content are promises purely for the PSP.

Ad-hoc multiplayer will be backed up by the option to download a ‘ghost’ of your friend’s character data to fight it out against asynchronously.

The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are currently slated for an Autumn release, so you’ve got the summer to get your Dark Resurrection twitch reaction up to speed before Tekken 6 hits the shelves.