Adorable battler Teen Titans Go Figure! has opened pre-orders on the App Store

Collect and customise all the DC characters you want

Adorable battler Teen Titans Go Figure! has opened pre-orders on the App Store

Although there seems to be a bit of a drought in big superhero blockbusters this summer, the long-running Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go! will be getting its first cinematic release in August. But before then, the Titans will be also be getting their second game on the App Store on July 19th.

The new game, Teen Titans Go Figure!, has you collecting over 100 different DC characters and lets you battle them out in real time strategy combat. Each character has customisable skills and appearances, as well as a story mode where you play as one of the Titans.

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The release of the first game in the series, Teeny Titans, was met with a lot of praise. It struck a fine balance between familiar Pokemon style mechanics, while also maintaining the established charm and aesthetic seen in the TV show.

Personally, I find collect-a-thon games rather hit or miss. It often depends on how the collecting is implemented. For instance, I really don't like it when the only way to collect is done entirely through loot boxes - it's always too random and just feels like a cash grab. Although Teen Titans Go Figure! does have IAP, it's not yet clear how you collect the 100+ characters.

Despite this, I'm optimistic that the game will have the same positive reception that the first did. Teen Titans Go Figure! is available for pre-order now and will be released on July 19th for $3.99/£3.99.

Kieran Robertson
Kieran Robertson
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