TFT Reckoning Pass release date and content

The time of Reckoning is at hand

TFT Reckoning Pass release date and content

With each new TFT set, a collection of new Little Legends, arenas, and many other rewards also make an appearance. Among these new additions, the TFT Pass is a recurring one. With the Pass and Pass+ players gain access to set-exclusive rewards and missions, which hype the start of the new set even more.

Being an avid collector of all microtransactions in the past TFT sets (1, 2, 3 and 4) I'm definitely excited for the upcoming Set 5 TFT Pass. Given that all the rewards keep getting increasingly better with each set, I'm positive that the latest one will bring about some exciting loot as well.

What is the TFT Pass?

If you're new to the game, one of the key things you should learn about Teamfight Tactics is that it features a seasonal pass which gives you a lot of rewards. The TFT Pass normally gives you free rewards, but the Pass + comes with a price but a lot more amazing loot as well.

You can purchase the Teamfight Tactics Reckoning Pass + for 1295 RP (or around $10), or by getting the 1380 RP pack via the League of Legends client.

The Teamfight Tactics Reckoning pass will be valid for about 3 months, which is how long a season lasts in TFT. During this time, you will receive weekly missions that will help you accomplish all the milestones and give you all the loot that you've been yearning for all this time.

TFT Reckoning pass

When can I get the new TFT Reckoning Pass+?

The new pass will become available with the next set, Reckoning, starting April 28th, 2021. It will be available for purchase until the last day of the set, which will be around the beginning of August.

What can we expect from the TFT Pass and TFT Pass + in Set 5?

By now, you're probably familiar already with the TFT Pass for Set 4. In the latest set, Set 5, we're going to receive new rewards that will reflect the core of the set, Reckoning, and I can already tell you - they are good! Of course, you will get the unique Sprite, the free eggs, Star Shards, and booms, but the arenas you will get from this Pass + are completely unique.

  • Check out the TFT tier list to see what units are in meta at the moment!

In the past, we've seen the slightly less-premium arenas (a.k.a. the Pass+ arenas) get increasingly better, but in Reckoning, they are really next level. For players who are not able to invest in the individual arenas, the 3 Pass+ arenas are going to more than make up for it.

What is included in the TFT pass and Pass+?

The free pass will only give you access to a couple of emotes and eggs, so if you have the means to invest in the Pass +, I strongly suggest you do. Below you'll find all the rewards you'll get from the TFT Reckoning pass.

  • 3 Arenas: Sanctum of Order Arena, Realm of Harmony Arena and Court of Chaos Arena.
  • 1 Pass-exclusive Little Legend: Chaos Sprite
  • Star Shards
  • Mystery Emotes
  • Exclusive Emotes
  • Booms: Infernal Flock, Prismatic Smite, Wings of Fury, and Rune Surge.
  • Little Legends Eggs
  • Exclusive Chaos Pengu (a variant of Featherknight)
TFT pass

TFT Reckoning Pass - things you need to know

  • Puchasing the TFT pass will have absolutely nothing to do with your League of Legends game. The pass missions can only be completed by playing matches of Teamfight Tactics.
  • If you don't have a lot of money to spend on Little Legends and Arenas, then you should definitely consider investing in the pass. You'll get random eggs with the latest Little Legends for free, as well as 3 Arenas.
  • You don't need to have the Teamfight Tactics Reckoning Pass+ to actually play the game. You gain access to the free pass anyway, but it doesn't give nearly as many rewards.
  • You can purchase the pass anytime during the season, and the level milestone will be activated automatically the moment you upgrade to Pass+. 
  • After the Reckoning update launches, you will be able to purchase the Pass+ together with other bundles (Pass + premium Arena, Pass + eggs, etc.). We'll go over all the new microtransactions that this brings once they release! 

To sum up, is the TFT Reckoning Pass+ worth it?

The Teamfight Tactics Pass+ is definitely worth it. I always keep telling players that if they want the best reward for their money, they should consider investing the $10 that would be the Pass to Pass+ upgrade.

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