The latest Team Sonic Racing trailer is all about team work

Racing's more fun with friends

The latest Team Sonic Racing trailer is all about team work
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| Team Sonic Racing

Sega’s released the first in a series of spotlight trailers that will reveal new features in the upcoming Team Sonic Racing ahead of the game’s release. This introductory video shows off the game’s team mechanics, along with some new characters and tracks.

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In Team Sonic Racing, you’ll be able to work with other characters to pull off a variety of techniques that you can use to slow down your opponents. Five new moves are highlighted: Skimboost: Lets you speed past teammates who might be having trouble and pull them back into the race
Slingshot: Get a boost by driving behind a teammate in their slipstream
Rival Takedown: Knock out rivals in front of you and speed past them
Item Box Transfer: Send or receive wisps from your teammates anywhere on the track
Team Ultimate: Fill your Team Ultimate meter by using the skills listed above to unleash a powerful team boost

On top of all of that, we got a peek at Ice Mountain, a wintery track that will pose some slippery challenges to folks who want to push the speed limit. Team Rose, a dynamic trio that also happens to be a new playable character, also makes their debut.

Team Sonic Racing is expected to launch on Nintendo Switch this winter.