Disney acquires iPhone music game developer Tapulous

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Disney acquires iPhone music game developer Tapulous
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Media mogul Mickey Mouse, and his parent company Walt Disney, has acquired iPhone music game maker Tapulous, and rolled the Tap Tap Revenge creator into the Disney Interactive Media Group.

The shakeup merges the Palo Alto-based Tapulous into the Disney family, and makes the company founders Bart Decrem and Andrew Lacy CEO and COO, respectively, of Disney’s Mobile group.

Disney’s current mobile output includes games like Alice in Wonderland, Split/Second, and JellyCar 2. Other elements of the Interactive Media Group at the House of Mouse include Black Rock (accountable for Split/Second) and Club Penguin (purchased by Disney in 2007 for $700 million).

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this affects the genres and artists portrayed in future Tap Tap games. Will recent games like Nickelback, Lady Gaga, and Nirvana Revenge be pushed aside in favour of Disney’s six record labels?

Such artists owned by Disney include They Might Be Giants, Miley Cirus, Jonas Brothers, and, of course, soundtracks for the entertainment company’s immense history movies. A nice collection of popular music, but that source will be 'tapped' pretty quick.


Mark Brown
Mark Brown
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