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Eat the world in freshly re-released puzzle platformer Mutant Blobs Attack on Nintendo Switch

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Eat the world in freshly re-released puzzle platformer Mutant Blobs Attack on Nintendo Switch

There are so many games launching on the Nintendo Switch that it's quite hard to stay up to date with them. I can imagine that its very easy to let the occasional good'un slide past, especially what with all the ruckus around the week's big launch. Something you shouldn't let slide by is Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

Mutant Blobs Attack was an early title from Guacamelee! Developer DrinkBox Studios. A follow-up to About a Blob, an award winning PS3 digital game, it very much followed in the same spirits as its predecessor. The story is simple, you're a blob, an angry blob, and you get larger when you eat. Humans have trapped you on Earth and you're setting out to escape, chaos ensues.

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It's a very fun puzzle-platformer which completely nails the pacing and learning curve of the genre, within a few levels you're swapping your polarity to float toward, or away from, certain objects, and firing yourself out of thin tubes.
It's also exceptionally bright and cheerful at all times despite its b-movie inspiration and roots. It's simply a massive dose of wacky fun; a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch.

For the first two weeks after launch it will be available at 30% off, and you can get a further discount if you already own one of DrinkBox's other titles: Severed, Guacamelee! STCE, or Guacamelee! 2.

Here's a features list from the press release:

Key features include:
- 24 levels featuring a wide range of retro, 50’s-inspired environments.
- 5 'Tilt-a-Blob' bonus levels featuring gyroscopic controls.
- Mind-boggling growth! Absorb everything you touch and grow to massive proportions.
- Jump, slam, roll, and rocket through the air! Push and pull your weight against metal! Move objects with telekinesis!
- Touch controls: use touch to manipulate the environment in handheld mode!
- Normal controls: for people who hate touch controls!
- In-game achievements. Can you become the platinum blob!?

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is available on Nintendo Switch right now.

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