Swordshot: Tips to help you with this tricky, one-button battle game

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Swordshot: Tips to help you with this tricky, one-button battle game

One (sword)shot at glory.

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Swordshot is a unique take on the classic arcade machine-style game. It takes you back with its design and overall layout and includes some fantastic music that is fitting to its arcade nature. But there are two things that make the game very intriguing when you fire it up.

For starters, it's a one-button game. Yup, all you need to is tap your screen; no movement with a virtual analog stick or anything else. Just tap away. However, the other interesting aspect is that the game is also highly challenging at times. You take on a series of bosses to try and reconnect fragments of a large orb of some kind and each fragment of it operates as a level.

But how on earth can a one-button game be so hard you ask? I'm not sure, but the folks at Crescent Moon Games brilliantly blended the two together. So its controls are incredibly easy to pick up, but it's the game itself that can test you. We give you a few tips to help you tackle this one-button boss fest.

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Shoot Between the Thinnest Guardians

OK so, when you're battling the bosses, you will see a bunch of items related to the type of boss you're dealing with, going in a circle around them. Your goal is to reach the boss with each of the shots from your sword (hence the name "Swordshot"). So as the items are spinning around, you need to shoot in between to get a hit on the boss.

Like with most games, each boss has several hit points before they can be destroyed. As for you, you have a limited amount of shots you can use, so be careful. But, for the items, it's best for you to shoot in between the thinnest objects. This will give you a much larger gap to shoot your shot.

It's really all about finding those gaps. Fortunately, the bosses don't fire any projectiles at you or anything (that would suck if that was the case since you can't move) so all you need to do is aim and fire. Find the best gap and stick with it as the items spin in circles.

Take Your Time

In Swordshot, it can be easy to just continue firing away constantly. But feel free to show some patience until you know you have the perfect opening to shoot. There's no real time limit in the game, so you can take your time for the most part.

Remember to follow the smallest objects in the rotation and fire in between them. All of the bosses have several hit points and you want to make sure you hit as much as possible. As mentioned, you lose a shot each time you fire, so shoot wisely.

The key thing is to be ahead in the count if that makes sense. It's a lot easier when you have more shots than they do lives. It takes the pressure off of you and it's good to sort of ease that tension by getting ahead. You should be in great shape if you can connect on your first three hits or so.

Take Advantage of Skills

Swordshot does offer the ability to let you use skills that can help you in each battle. You normally get to choose from three different skills, each offering their own benefits. From giving you an extra life to dealing extra damage, you'll have enough to get you through.

To unlock skills, simply take down some bosses to earn Shards. These can be used to unlock certain skills that you can utilize against each enemy. Just double-tap the skill in the Skills menu and voila, you now have a nice benefit that can aid you in battle.

It's easy to try and speed through each enemy, but just know you have these skills at your disposal if you feel like you're struggling a bit. Remember, the game can be challenging, especially once you reach the "super bosses". So take advantage of your non-cheating cheat codes.

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