Swordshot: Three reasons why you may want to give this single-button shooter a try

| Swordshot
Swordshot: Three reasons why you may want to give this single-button shooter a try

A cake mix of simple and challenging.

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Swordshot is a relatively new game to the mobile scene and takes gamers back to the good old days of arcades with its ultra classic aesthetics and music among other things. It can also be quite the button masher because it is a single-button play kind of game. 

Yup, that's right, all you need to do is tap that shiny phone or tablet screen of yours to play this game. You basically go through a series of bosses using a magic sword that shoots out projectiles. You need to get a certain amount of hits on the foes to finish them off. 

You need to put a sphere back together by connecting its separated fragments. Each fragment acts as a level that contains some of the many bosses that you'll face. Its controls are straight forward to the point where it seems like it's perfect for mobile. Here are a few reasons why you may be interested in this unique shooter.

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Provides a Challenge if You're Up For it

One of the most intriguing things about Swordshot is that it's as tough as it is to play. This is fascinating considering that it's a one-button game. But it's tricky because it puts your vision and timing to the test a bit throughout your time playing.

You have to shoot in between some rotating objects called "guardians" that are protecting the bosses that you fight. So it's really all about how precise your timing is. And the further you proceed, the more the guardians will multiply and the fast they'll rotate.

Sometimes they will also rotate in the opposite direction to throw you off a little bit. So maybe you're a gamer who enjoys a good challenge. The unique combination of easy controls and difficult enemies might be a draw and reel you in...maybe.

Convenient Control

As mentioned earlier, a signature feature of Swordshot is that it's a one-button experience. This makes it convenient for gamers who are on the go or don't feel like using both hands. And it's especially good if you still want some form of challenge.

It can give you the satisfaction of a game with a full control scheme, but with the use of one tap. It's pretty rare to see a game like that. Most of the time, one-button games are much more casual and easy-going. Here, you get a little Dark Souls or Cuphead taste but in a complete arcade form.

One of mobile gaming's strengths is its convenience, and Swordshot showcases this fairly nicely. It's all about if you feel like being up for the difficulty that it offers or not, but it is unique indeed.

The Music

One thing I have always said in the past is that audio can play a major role in how good a game is. Whether it be the music or ambient sounds, audio is more important than you'd think. It's arguably the most immersive aspect of gaming because hearing things makes you feel them in ways.

And Swordshot has done a decent job of providing some good, fun music that makes you feel like you're right in the arcade. Each stage features its own unique music to go along with its set of bosses. For example, there is a level where you take on jungle type bosses (tigers, gorillas, etc). In that area, you a theme plays that is fitting for the jungle.

So you might appreciate this as you play. It may seem small, but in reality, sound and music is important for a good game overall. Just be prepared to hear some of the songs over and over if you die a bunch of times is all. But, there is a track for each area, so you'll have a variety for your ears.

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