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Sword Master Story weapon guide

Sword Master Story weapon guide

If you just started playing Sword Master Story, you are probably wondering which of the available weapons are the best, right?

How many times in the past you've played a game where you invested your valuable resources on a piece of gear that turned out to be rubbish? It definitely sucks, but that's something every gamer has experienced a number of times! It can happen to the best of us!

But when it comes to Sword Master Story weapons at least, we've got you covered!

Which weapons are worth investing your resources on and which ones are not that great? What type of characters are best suited to wield them? On this page, you'll find answers to all these questions as we break down the best weapons in the game.

So, without further ado, let's get right into it!

Tier S weapons

 Excalibur  Ascalon  Two Great Swords  Efreet's Sword  Elaim's Sword

Let's start with the best weapons in Sword Master Story, the S tier. It goes without saying that if you got any of these swords, you should absolutely try to max them out. 

  • Excalibur: In Sword Master Story, healing is based on the attack value of the character. To put it simply, the more attack a healer has, the greater their heals are going to be. Because of that, there's no better sword than the Excalibur, as it provides tons of attack to its wielder. Of course, it will work well on a damage character as well. 
  • Ascalon: This weapon was forged to do damage, especially against bosses. Ascalon grants 50% additional damage to bosses, plus a 50% critical damage bonus, making it the ideal weapon for your damage carry. Ideally, you want Cain to wield it, as he benefits the most from it. With that being said though, you can go ahead and equip it to any character whose role is to do damage.
  • Two Great Swords: Two Great Swords might not grant as much attack as the other weapons in this tier, but its defensive boosts make up for it. Its wielder gains not only increased defence but also damage reduction and attack. Oh, the reduced skill cooldown is also nice. This is the best choice for any tank character, but it's also great on a healer. 
  • Elfreet's Sword / Elaim's Sword: These two swords will grant characters of the same element a huge damage buff. For that reason, Elfreet's sword is an amazing choice for any Fire DPS character. Elaim's sword is the primary option when it comes to Water DPS characters such as Airi. 


Tier A weapons

Holy Sword Caliburn Dragon Blade

These swords might not be S tier, but they are certainly great. Investing resources in them isn't going to be a waste at all.

  • Holy Sword Caliburn: Holy Sword Caliburn is truly unique because it's the only weapon that raises its wielder's skill level. This trait makes Caliburn the ideal sword for any support character you have on your team. Because of the additional evasion and critical damage resistance it provides. This weapon also works great on a tank character. 
  • Dragon Blade: Dragon Blade is one of the best weapons when it comes to boss fights. It grants 50% additional damage against bosses, plus a 5% attack and critical rate buff. It's great for your secondary damage carry unit. 

Tier B weapons

Mistilteinn Durendal
Misttilteinn and Durendal, let's talk about these two swords. What makes them unique is that they both grant their wielders 3 additional monster penetration. What does that do? It allows these characters to attack extra targets. Certainly, when it comes to boss fights, there are better weapons, but these two swords are great in slasher mode.

Tier C

Stormbringer Caladbolg Laevateinn Ancient Katana Arondite

Moving on to the next tier, we have 3 almost identical swords. They are Stormbringer, Caldbolg and Laevateinn. They all provide a 15% attack buff, with a 2% chance of casting a unique skill. Those skills are Thunder Blast, Dark Explosion and Meteor, respectively.

The 2% chances are not that great, but a character that attacks fast enough might be able to proc their effects at a somewhat acceptable rate. A better option than those 3 for any haste base character though would be the Arondite. This weapon gives a 2% chance to increase its wielder's attack by 100% for 5 seconds while attacking. Out of all these weapons, the Ancient Katana is a unique option because of the 150% accuracy bonus it provides. That trait makes it great for stun lock strategies. 

Tier D

Poison Blade Blood Lust

These two are definitely the weakest among the 5-star weapons in the game.  Poison Blade provides 20% penetration with a 7% chance to apply poison for 3 seconds. Blood Lust gives a small critical rate buff and some life steal which you might think is great at the start, but it's not really that useful once you get a decent healer on your team. Don't spend much on these weapons, as you will have to equip something better eventually. 

If you are enjoying this game, take a look at our Sword Master Story character tier list and find out which characters are the best ones for your team!  Also, make sure to check out our Sword Master Story coupon codes and claim every available free reward for your account!

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